Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month

On Wednesday October 01, 2014, at 10:00 AM Rod Potgieter, Executive Director and Board President, Jennifer Paul-O'Donnell of Family and Children's Services (F&CS) of St. Thomas and Elgin will launch the 2014 Child Abuse Prevention Month by placing magnetic purple ribbons on the marked vehicles of; Elgin O.P.P., St. Thomas Police Services, Aylmer Police and the St. Thomas Fire Department.

The Purple Ribbon Campaign is designed to the raise public awareness of child abuse and neglect, with the goal that everyone become more aware of the devastating effects of abuse and neglect and the role each of us can play in prevention. 

"Children are a community’s greatest resource and we need to be sure everyone in Elgin County is working together to protect our young citizens.  As we begin the 2014 campaign for October’s Child Abuse Prevention Month we at Family and Children’s Services of St. Thomas Elgin are pleased to be joined by all of the Policing partners in Elgin County and the St. Thomas Fire Department to help raise awareness of this issue.  The purple ribbons displayed on police and fire vehicles serve as a reminder of the responsibility of the community to keep children safe and for the public to understand their responsibility to protect children.  We are grateful for the support of the Elgin Detachment of the O.P.P., the St Thomas Police Service, the Aylmer Police and the St. Thomas Fire Department in this critical area."  - Jennifer Paul-O’Donnell - Board President.

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