Mitchell's Medals: Swim to Survive Testing & Barbeque

06/23/2012 00:00
The first event was held in August 2006 and was inspired by the tragic death of Mitchell Temple-Medhurst, a child in care who drowned at the Port Stanley Beach in 2004 at the young age of eight. This will be the seventh year that F&CS has hosted this event in Mitchell's loving memory. This is a very important day that helps promote water safety for all children. While we feel strongly that children need to play and be children, we also need to ensure that they are safe and learn about water safety. Please take the time to support this event and encourage the foster children in your care, your biological and adoptive children and children placed in kiship homes to attend. Everyone is welcome; including children who have previously been tested adn who passed at the gold level. All participants recieve a medal - bronze, silver or gold depending on their abilities as determined by the YMCA water safety staff. Ability to swim is not an issue - lifejackets can be worn for chidren who are either afraid of the water or who may be at risk otherwise. Again this year the water based portion of the day will be followed by a BBQ and medal ceremony at Pinafore Park. SATURDAY JUNE 23, 2012 Watch for formal invitation with details and times closer to the date.


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