Programs and Services

Moms and Tots: The Moms and Tots Program targets families where risk of or incidence of abuse and neglect have been identified through child protection assessment tools. Supportive services can also be accessed by families voluntarily from our local community. Given that the primary focus of intervention offered by the larger Agency is child protection in nature, the services offered through Moms and Tots and group programming are specifically aimed at reducing risk by providing information education, supporting permanency plans, strengthening attachments and establishing ongoing informal support mechanisms.

The vision of the Moms and Tots Program is to provide each child and youth with a permanent safe and nurturing home. The program plays an integral role in assisting parents to develop skills to build and strengthen their relationships with their children and an opportunity to demonstrate these new abilities. The Moms and Tots program is unique in that programming addresses risk as it relates to standards and intervention models outlined by child welfare legislation while also providing education, improving parenting practices and offering parenting support.

Mother's Mentoring Mothers: Formerly Mother's Relief
This program services parents of children ages 0-6 years who have custody of their children and have completed other moms and tots programs. It is specifically targeted to service families who have demonstrated a decreased level of risk. However, they still require ongoing support as they consistently demonstrate increased parenting capacity which ultimately achieves the goal of risk reduction. The program services parents who have self referred, or have identified a need for ongoing support and education. Agency protection staff may also refer. This voluntary program is available to parents for a period of a year, bi-weekly for three hours. The curriculum is client directed. Topics include: life skills, parenting information, community supports, legal issues, sexual health, child development and nutrition, and basic CPR training.
Group members have also shared around issues with reintegrating their children from foster care, ongoing involvement with foster families as supports, guilt and grief associated with the loss of children to adoption, addictions, and co-dependency.

Family Support Program-In Home Services: In Home Services provides one-on-one in-home support and education for families with children up t